Here at the Young Automotive Group we take pride in creating a culture that our employees and customers thrive in.  We do this by holding true to our values and mission statement which has kept us in business for 97 years.  We're a diverse, and ambitious company that loves what we do.  We value teamwork, trust, gratitude, value, and supporting one another.  Our goal in emulating these values is to deliver you an exceptional customer experience while turning you into a fiercely loyal customer who loves to Think Young.  

                                                                       Our Mission

We take pride in delivering an exceptional customer experience while generating a fiercely loyal following that loves to Think Young.

                                                                        Our Values

Trust & Loyalty: 
The Young Automotive Group is a family.  We treat each other and our customers with loyalty and trust.  We foster an environment and experience of respect and understanding.  Our business is based on referrals.  We want to create a culture of fanatical customers.  
Work & Rise Together:
The Young Automotive Group fosters a culture of growth, ascension and cooperation.  Through the Young Automotive Group University's training and development program, we are becoming better as a whole.  Instead of viewing ourselves as separate departments we work together as a team to serve our customers.   

The Young Automotive Group is deeply grateful for all of our customers, colleagues, and partners.  Gratitude permeates our organization and reinforces the importance of others to any individual's success.  Gratitude builds an exceptional work environment.    

Engage & support: The Young Automotive Group is focused on giving back to the communities that surround us.  We create and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with the community.

Value: Value is the highest priority at the Young Automotive Group.  We provide the best value to our customers through our extensive inventory and experience team members.  We are responsive to customer's changing need and are not afraid to take a risk to move forward.