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3 Vehicle Features to Help Seniors | Young Automotive Group

For senior citizens, driving can be a tricky thing. On the one hand, the ability to drive is often crucial to living independently, which is very important for many seniors. On the other hand, physical limitations that accompany aging can often make driving more difficult and dangerous, which can prompt seniors to give up their keys permanently, even if their driving skills are still intact.

If you want to drive, but find that your limitations make driving too difficult, the answer may not be giving up the keys but trading them in for a new vehicle with different features. We…

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4 Factors to Consider Before Selling Your Car | Young Automotive Group


You bought your car years ago when money was tight. It wasn't the latest model, but it did its job. For years, it's been transporting you to work and around the town. You even drove it cross country for vacation.

But now your family is outgrowing "old reliable." Every time your kids pile in the back seat, you wonder if it's time to sell your old car and start anew.

Here are some things to consider before selling your car. Using these guidelines, you can determine whether it's best to sell, donate or keep your car…

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Waste Not, Want Not: All About Vehicle Trade-Ins

all about trading in your vehicle 

Most people will drive several different cars over their lifetime. When your family starts to grow, your commute changes dramatically, or your car no longer suits your needs, you may want to upgrade quickly. One of the easiest ways to change vehicles is through dealership trade-in.

In this blog, we explain how the trade-in process works.

How Do Regular Trade-Ins Work?

A standard trade-in consists of a simple process that can take only a few hours to complete fully. In a straightforward trade-in, you bring your car to a dealership with a trade program. The dealership assesses the car's…

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How to Give Your Pre-Owned Vehicle a New Car Smell


One of the most attractive characteristics of a brand new vehicle is the way that the interior smells. The smell of a pre-owned car, on the other hand, largely depends on the habits of the previous owner and the efficacy of cleaning methods used on the vehicle's interior.

Whether your pre-owned car smells of cigarette smoke or simply seems stale, you can make the vehicle smell like new by taking the following steps.

Start Your Search in the Right Place

If you're in the market for a preowned car and don't want to worry about unpleasant lingering…

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Must-Have Tech Features in a Used Car | Young Automotive Group

 The world is an exciting place to live in, filled with ever-changing technological advances. The automotive industry is no exception, and new cars are generally packed full of the latest in high-tech features. Bluetooth connectivity, USB connection points, and even technology that means cars can park themselves are just a few of the latest generation of tech gadgets that have become almost standard features of new cars.

If you're not in a position to afford a brand new car and are looking for a good-quality used model, then you may not get all of those ultra-modern features. However, we…

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New or Pre-Owned? Answer These 6 Questions to Find Out Which Car Type You Should Buy

A personal vehicle is always a substantial investment, so you want your new car to last for years. One of the first questions you must answer when you're in the market for a car is whether to buy a new vehicle or a pre-owned vehicle.

Both options have pros and cons. Answering the following six questions can help you decide which option works better for your lifestyle, budget, and driving habits.

1. Do You Have a Down Payment Available?

While your financing options depend on numerous factors, the bank that issues your loan first considers whether the car is…

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7 Benefits of Buying a Used Car at a Dealership

 If you know you want a used car, you may start your search online or in classified ads. Many vehicle owners list their cars for private sale and work with buyers directly. While these advertisements can help you narrow down your search, don't forget to look at the pre-owned selection at dealerships in your area.

Often, buying a used car from a dealership comes with fewer risks and unanswered questions than going through a…

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