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The 2018 Toyota 4Runner

2018 Toyota 4Runner


The 2018 Toyota 4Runner is such an iconic vehicle, and it is for good reason.  First thing you notice is the look, and I have got to say I am in love.  Every time I see it one on the road I can’t help but look in envy and appreciation.  It looks rugged, but strangely elegant at the same time.  Lets be honest, if you are getting an SUV such as the Toyota 4Runner you are probably going to be going off-roading, and that is exactly what you should be doing.  When you sit in one…

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Are you ready for an adventure? The Toyota RAV4

Are you ready for an adventure?  Not everyone loves going on an adventure or doing something new and exciting but I will tell you that EVERYONE is going to love the new 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure.  This is the newest and most up to date RAV4 in the lineup.  Will available Cold Weather Package adding a heated steering wheel and windshield wiper heaters you can always expect to be ready for adventures large and  small.  

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Not only do you get the heated steering wheel and windshield wiper heaters you also get the sportiest look to the Toyota RAV4 yet.  With…

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The Simple Toyota Corolla IM

Meet the Toyota Corolla IM. The most wonderful part of driving this little car is how simple it is. 
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With all of the crazy features you can get in other models the Toyota Corolla IM is simply an A to B car that still get you there while having fun. The Corolla IM still has plenty of room for you and some friends while still having room for storage as you head on your road trips. While you enjoy the great sound system you will also enjoy the great fuel economy as well. While being in a small car you…
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2019 Toyota Avalon

The 2019 Avalon is aimed at a luxury segment that it previously teased at but never fully committed to until now. The technology package embedded in the vehicle is far beyond its previous offerings. Integrated phone functionality is at the core of the user experience, expanding into the Entune 3.0, Amazon Alexa, Apple Carplay, and smartwatch integration.

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It seems like Toyota is aimed squarely at a younger, more tech-savvy market that will take full advantage of the upgrades alongside the traditional luxury car buyer that will enjoy the available V6 and hybrid powertrain options. The Limited interior takes the…

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The 2018 Toyota Corolla

If you are looking for the perfect student car, look no further than the 2018 Toyota Corolla.
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Compact but roomy, great gas mileage and plenty of zip. Is there such a thing? Absolutely.
With that, the smart but stylish Corolla delivers. This sporty car that is a blast to drive also has
its drivers enjoying all the latest features. Go for a more affordable Corolla L, or sporty S or SE,
or the more decked out XLE. Whichever you choose, you’ll love the drive, reliability and
longevity of owning a Toyota Corolla.

From the modest beginnings of a college…
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3 Vehicle Features to Help Seniors | Young Automotive Group

For senior citizens, driving can be a tricky thing. On the one hand, the ability to drive is often crucial to living independently, which is very important for many seniors. On the other hand, physical limitations that accompany aging can often make driving more difficult and dangerous, which can prompt seniors to give up their keys permanently, even if their driving skills are still intact.

If you want to drive, but find that your limitations make driving too difficult, the answer may not be giving up the keys but trading them in for a new vehicle with different features. We…

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Car Buying Tips for Commuters

One of the reasons people decide to buy a car is that they face a long commute to work on a daily or weekly basis. If your job is far away from home, requires frequent business trips, or consists of plenty of hours behind the wheel driving to meet individual investors or clients, you need a car that can go the distance. 

When you're in the market for a perfect commuter car, here are some buying and driving guidelines to consider. You need a car that will provide the comfort, safety, and reliability you need to survive the drive…

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3 Vital Considerations When Buying Your Teen's First Car


For most American teenagers, getting their very first car is an exciting milestone in their lives. Getting a car is an important rite of passage and helps teens to bridge the gap between being a dependent child and becoming an independent adult.

However, if you're a parent who is planning to buy your teen his or her first car in the near future, you may be feeling mixed emotions about the upcoming purchase. On one hand, you may feel relieved that your weekend taxi services are finally over. On the other hand, you may be feeling anxious about your…

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Eco-Friendly Considerations for Car Buyers | YoungAutomotive

Going Green:Eco-FriendlyConsiderations for Car Buyers

eco-friendly vehicles Utah 

Normally, buying a car can be a pretty straightforward process, but for buyers concerned about reducingtheir ecological footprint, buying becomes more complicated. How can you make green choices when purchasingyour vehicle? What are the best earthy-friendly features to keep in mind?

Here's what green-minded buyers should consider when shopping for a car. Some of the details behind greenvehicles and features might surprise you.

Electric Cars and Hybrids

Perhaps the most well-known green vehicle is the hybrid. These cars burn less fuel because the engine runspartially on electricity. Critics of hybrid technology can argue…

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8 Things to Bring When You Buy a Car


When you need a new car, you don't want to spend hours going back and forth to an auto dealership. You'd rather quickly locate the right car and purchase it on the spot. But in order to do that, you need to bring certain belongings with you.

Pay close attention to this list and you'll have a smooth car buying experience.

1. Driver's License

The auto dealership needs to see your driver's license before you can buy a car. In fact, you can't test drive any vehicles unless you bring your license.

2. Auto…

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