If I had any budget and could choose to buy any Toyota, I would choose the Toyota Tacoma. Specifically the Tacoma TRD Pro. But who wouldn't right? I think it is the sportiest and baddest looking truck out there. Other companies have tried to come close and make similar trucks, but nothing even comes close. The Tacoma TRD Pro is one in its own. 

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Personally, I would drive this truck because of its off-roading capabilities and for looks in general. I also love how safe it is, for off-roading it is important to be safe and I feel completely safe in the Tacoma. I would drive any Tacoma really, I just really enjoy the look of the Pro. It has the larger exhaust, the hood scoop, unique colors and so much more. It is packed with pretty much everything you would need in a truck. Someday I hope to own a Tacoma TRD Pro.


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