I really like the Toyota Avalon, especially the newer ones. When it comes to Toyota's they are your more sleek and luxury styled sedans. The front and rear seats have heating and cooling options which is so nice! There are not many vehicles out there that offer both front and rear heating controls. The way that the Avalon is designed allows it to give both the front and rear passengers extra leg room and space. The Avalon is very unique, but my favorite feature about it is the lighting that it has on the interior. Toyota has added decorative lighting in areas where other sedans do not have any. 

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The Avalon has so many cool features added to it, the list could go on. Along with have Toyota's Safety Sense P, is has sounded reduction. Sound reduction in a car is a very nice feature, but I also feel that it helps with safety because it blocks out the noise from the road so that you can focus on other things easier. It also has paddle shifter's if you are wanting to feel like you are driving a sportier ride. Overall, I really like the Toyota Avalon because it meets driving in luxury without the price of paying for it.  


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