If you are looking for the perfect student car, look no further than the 2018 Toyota Corolla.
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Compact but roomy, great gas mileage and plenty of zip. Is there such a thing? Absolutely.
With that, the smart but stylish Corolla delivers. This sporty car that is a blast to drive also has
its drivers enjoying all the latest features. Go for a more affordable Corolla L, or sporty S or SE,
or the more decked out XLE. Whichever you choose, you’ll love the drive, reliability and
longevity of owning a Toyota Corolla.

From the modest beginnings of a college student, to the fast paced early family life. The gas
mileage for school drop offs, soccer, dance, gymnastics and then lastly passing it down to your
teenager. The Corolla will be there through it all. When was the last time you drove the Corolla?

- Steph Oswald
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