For most American teenagers, getting their very first car is an exciting milestone in their lives. Getting a car is an important rite of passage and helps teens to bridge the gap between being a dependent child and becoming an independent adult.

However, if you're a parent who is planning to buy your teen his or her first car in the near future, you may be feeling mixed emotions about the upcoming purchase. On one hand, you may feel relieved that your weekend taxi services are finally over. On the other hand, you may be feeling anxious about your teen's safety on the road.

Worrying about your teen's safety is understandable, and it's certainly justified. Teenagers are categorically the drivers who are most frequently involved in car accidents. Fortunately, you can dramatically increase your teen's safety behind the wheel and reduce the likelihood of a crash by choosing the right car for him or her. 

With so many makes, models, and sizes of car available on the market, selecting the best car may feel like a difficult job. Here are three vital ideas to remember when you start the hunt for the perfect first car.

1. Say No to the Sports Car

Most teens would be ecstatic to be able to pull up into the school parking lot in a sleek and shiny sports car. Unfortunately, no amount of peer admiration will make this a good option for a teen driver. Statistics show that teens who drive sports cars are more likely to drive recklessly and to exceed the speed limit.

Exceeding the speed limit in itself is one of the main causes of car accidents. When coupled with a highperformance vehicle in the control of an inexperienced driver, the odds of your teen being injured or killed increase significantly.

2. Apply the Goldilocks Theory to Car Size

Not too big, not too small, just right. This should be your guiding principle when deciding what size car your teen will be driving. Mid-size cars, such as the Mazda 6, the Toyota Camry, or an equivalent sized model from another manufacturer, are the perfect middle ground for car size.

Although a small car may initially seem like a sensible option, they aren't as safe for inexperienced drivers as you may imagine. Small cars are highly maneuverable, which may tempt your teen to take careless risks. The instability of the short wheelbase on a small car is also a risk factor. In the event of an accident, smaller cars provide less protection for the driver and passengers than a slightly larger vehicle.

Large vehicles, such as SUVs or minivans, are also a potential liability when it comes to teen drivers' safety on the road. Although they are less likely to be involved in a car accident in a large car and will be more protected if one should occur, a large vehicle with ample seating is more likely to be filled your teen's friends. Multiple teens in a single vehicle is another factor that contributes to increased accident risk.

3. Safety Is Priceless

In an ideal world, every teen would get a brand-new, top-of-the-line car, packed with technical features and every safety feature under the sun. Of course, this isn't always financially possible, especially considering the car may be one of two or more cars that you are funding for your household.

For this reason, many American parents opt for a used car for their teen's first vehicle. However, used isn't synonymous with old. Driving old cars is yet another contributor to the higher accident rates that teens experience. Opt for a model that is under a decade old, or even newer for certain models.

More recent models will also contain more safety features than their older counterparts. Air bags, antilock braking systems, electronic stability control, and a high safety rating should all be considered essential when choosing a car for your teen. Although they're not a guarantee that no harm will come to your teen, these features will help to mitigate the other risk factors.

Possibly the most daunting part of choosing a car for your teen is finding a dealership that you can trust to help you find a safe, reliable, and appropriate vehicle to buy. Start your search by visiting your nearest Young Automotive Group dealership. Our professional staff members are there to help and guide you, not to simply make their sale for the day.

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