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 The world is an exciting place to live in, filled with ever-changing technological advances. The automotive industry is no exception, and new cars are generally packed full of the latest in high-tech features. Bluetooth connectivity, USB connection points, and even technology that means cars can park themselves are just a few of the latest generation of tech gadgets that have become almost standard features of new cars.

If you're not in a position to afford a brand new car and are looking for a good-quality used model, then you may not get all of those ultra-modern features. However, we've come up with four must-have tech features that no driver should do without.

1. Anti-Lock Brakes

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) observes the speed of each wheel and notices any locking of the wheels. When the brakes of the car are suddenly slammed on, this system will discharge braking pressure and then provide ideal braking pressure to each wheel. This safety feature is extremely important when stopping in the snow or ice, as it will improve the ability to stop the vehicle and avoid uncontrollable skidding.

ABS is a must-have tech feature in used cars because it indisputably makes a car safer to drive. Drivers can often forget to pump the brakes when stopping on a slippery surface, and in this case, anti-lock brakes will automatically pump the brakes for the driver.

2. Remote Keyless Entry

A remote keyless entry system works by using a radio frequency transmitter in the key that sends digital data to a receiver in the vehicle, which then opens or closes the doors. Remote keyless entry systems have been found to enhance the safety of your vehicle and your own personal safety as well as minimize the likelihood of car theft. It is also much easier to press a button than to manually unlock a car door, especially when you have full hands.

Remote keyless entry systems have become increasingly popular with the installation rate of more than 80% in new vehicles in North America. They're also a common feature in older models, particularly those which were considered luxury or cutting edge models when they were first manufactured.  

3. GPS Navigation System 

GPS is the commonly used term for a global positioning system. A GPS navigation system is a receiver that links to multiple global positioning satellites and enables you to find out your location, accurately plot a route, and give you directions to your destination. A GPS will also tell you if you've taken a wrong turn and even help you to locate amenities such as gas stations.

GPS technology works in virtually any circumstance and is precise to between 3 and 15 meters. The small screen of the GPS is mounted on a car's dashboard for ease of use. Many systems are voice activated, which is the safest way to interact with technology whilst driving.

These systems are pretty much ubiquitous in new cars and are also very common in late model used cars. Older model cars that didn't have them as standard features when they were manufactured often have them retro-fitted by the previous owners. They're a must-have feature to look for when buying a used car. 

4. Four-Wheel Drive Capability

Four-wheel drive is a type of drivetrain system that relocates engine power to all four wheels. Four-wheel drive capabilities are predominantly found in trucks and SUVs but can also be found in some types of sedan. You may think that having four-wheel drive capacity isn't necessary if you live in a town or city. However, this tech feature is great to have whatever terrain you normally drive on.

The chance of gaining and maintaining traction when maneuvering on slippery surfaces increases in a fourwheel drive vehicle. Traction is important as it transforms engine torque into vehicle movement. This capability can prove to be a life-saver in wet weather, snowy conditions, or on roads that have become loose or cracked during bad weather. Even a steep driveway in a city home will be easier to scale with four-wheel drive capability, particularly during inclement weather.

While these tech features have been around for too long to be accurately described as high-tech, they are still incredibly valuable and useful additions to look for when buying a used car. They'll not only increase your driving pleasure, but they'll also make your driving experience safer for yourself, your passengers, and your fellow motorists.

The Young Automotive Group pride themselves on helping customers to find the perfect car for them instead of simply selling them a product. Contact them to discuss the tech features you'd like your used car to have as well as any other important features that you'd like. They can let you know what cars they have available in one of their many showrooms across the state and what vehicles will meet the criteria you've discussed.

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